string-theory & 11 dimension

The reason of 11 dimensions in string theory
The types of interaction that physics reveals are:
1- Strong-Interaction: interacts with gluons and is only effective in atomic nuclei, ie in the femto-meter dimension. (Has its own 3-dimensions)
2- Electromagnetism interacts with photons and, as shown by electromagnetic spectrum field, is effective in systems up to the size of planets like our Earth. (Has its own 3-dimensions)
3- Gravite-interaction: It is effective on universal scale. (Has its own 3-dimensions)
4- Weak-interaction is a factor that enables transformation between substances on the universal scale, in particular through neutrinos, and allows the concept of time to occur.

All these different interaction-system dimensions are summed up to 3 + 3 + 3 + 1+1 =  11 and the multidimensional universal system predicted by string theory is derived.
Termodynamical rules are not applicable to those different realms, because energy storage is very differently distributed: QCD contain the most part of energy in atomic-nucleus. Those energy are not to use in molecular realm of thermodynamics.