Dynamical Organisation Mechanism (DOM) in Nature


Why are  We Born Since  We will Eventually Die? 

Is life an information gathering procedure about the changeovers in nature and transferring them to the next generation?


What is Life?

►100 years ago, we were deprived of electronic devices like TV or PC, because we didn’t know how to construct them.
►500 years ago, we were deprived of motor vehicles like auto, train, aircraft, etc. because we didn’t know how to construct them.
► 15.000 years ago, we were deprived of metallic devices like cooker, boiler etc. because we didn’t know how to construct them.
►One million years ago we lived in nights in darkness, . because we didn’t know how to make a fire.

Why This Lovely Creature, as Big as a Skyscraper and Once The Lord Of This Planet  Disappeared From Earth?

Life, being a span of time, is singular steps in the changeover systems of organic developments; birth and deaths are transitions of these changeovers. Consequently each life-being takes its place with specific sensory and interpretative systems to record the relevant changeovers around itself.
►  When everything is forced to change, and each being is forced to follow up these changeovers with the aim of adaptation to them, a race between all life-beings get unavoidable; with the results that ever new informational-designs and corresponding new body-shapes follow each others. The consequence is: an exponential information development with a corresponding increase in diversity is the results in Earth history.
►  The act of transformation of one thing into another is neither a random process, nor a predestined one; but rather a process fulfilled with exchange of information between objects according to the rules of probability (see chapter ..). The information signals are simple at lower levels like sub-atomic-particles, but get more complex with the degree of combinations of these particles and their upper-level modules: atoms, molecules, cells, animal-bodies, societies, etc.
► This exchange system gave birth to an integrative and exponential nature of information development.

Are human-societies a continuum of the natural life development on our planet? If so, by not-noticing such ecological life-rules, will the humans not destroy their future?

Hundred years ago there were no electrical devices
five thousand years ago no metallic devices.
ten thousand years ago no dishes or spoons.
5 million years ago there were no human beings.
100 million years ago, there was dinosaurs instead of mammals and a great ocean (called Thetys) instead of our countries.
500 million years ago there was no terrestrial life at all
3 billion years ago, no animals and plants
4.5 billion years ago no life at all on our planet
5 billion years ago, there was no Earth; and ca.
15 billion years ago, there was no cosmos at all, but a very dense (energy full) and very small sphere instead, consisting only of sub atomic particles.

Taking it all in all, we live in a nature with continuous changes and metamorphosis. "Time" is an indicator of those changes and transformations fulfilled by energy-matter-interactions.(From Gedik 1998).


As seen the subatomic particles have their own information gathering system. When they are free in their behaviour, they evaluate their target, make probability calculations and behave accordingly.
But when they are not free in their behaviour, for example, when detectors are placed at slits, to determine which path they get, they don’t use their wave behaviour. This is an other clear indication that the subatomic particles behave knowingly (consciously); other wise they couldn’t know the existence of the detectors.
That is a clear sign indicating the role of matter structure and composition in determination of force fields. It is the composition and structure of matters, that determine the strength of force-fields.

Are Our Molecular Constellations Changing When We learn Something?

Need Right Answers!!

Where can we get the information needed for our interpretations?
► What kind a world we are living in? Is it continuously changing or is it something eternal?
► How are the changeovers triggered and how they proceed?
How was our world and universe interpreted by our ancestors?
► How are our thoughts and behaviours organized and controlled?

What is the difference of being a human?

Humans consider themselves as being the only conscious life-beings on the Earth. But consciousness is a matter of relativity. The consciousness of a highly mentally retarded man is less then that of a dog. Therefore, a clear-cut definition of consciousness is not feasible. When we define consciousness as the fact of being aware of factors or forces acting or influencing on an item and its behaviour according to them, then we have to accept that all kind of beings have their own consciousness level..


When we are learning something, we require considerable time and we become stressed.
For example, when we learn to drive a car we have to master five different operations in a coordinated manner: gas pedal, clutch pedal, brake pedal, steering wheel and gear-shift. It takes a great deal of effort and time to accomplish this. When we consider the many thousands of factors our cells have to master during a procedure, then we must confess that our efforts are negligible in comparison to the efforts of our cells. When we finally learn how to drive, then we can use the car without feeling stressed. Our cells have made the appropriate synaptic arrangements and the learning process is accomplished. This shows that our cells can adjust their internal interactions to accommodate our bodies to changes in our environment.


Can "The developmental Mechanism in Nature=DMN” Help Us to Construct a Reliable Social Structure Being Valid Fort He Whole Humanity?"

How this "POWER" organizes and governs the nature? Does "it or HE gives" the "orders how to behave” to the units self, or  through "some selected persons"?

           ► How was our world and universe interpreted by our ancestors?
           - How are our thoughts and behaviours organized and controlled?
           ► Are human-societies a continuum of the natural life development on our planet? If so, by not-noticing such ecological life-rules, will the humans not destroy their future?

What are our sensory organs for? What kind of data should be transmitted to the cells inside of the body? What results when some not reliable data are transmitted to the cells in the brain? Will the reasoning  of those brains not be defective? (Reasoning-Defects!)

Outlook to life effects the health and life style  of people dramatically?


Why humans living in communities and when they began to do so and where!!

            ► How are the changeovers triggered and how they proceed?
To give a first glimpse why and how something new arise, suppose the situation of a population trapped on an estuarine island with yearly floods : Why are they forced to build dams again flood? And new communication systems to understand each-other better than before?
           ► Are human-societies a continuum of the natural life development on our planet? If so, by not-noticing such ecological life-rules, will the humans not destroy their future?.
► What are the relations between our cells and our bodies? Who builds who? Who controls whom? (Chicken and egg problem!)

The fundamental energy carriers (quanta) have the ability to sense the most favorable matter constellations and migrate there. In this manner not favorable constellations are destructed and favorable ones developed. That is the main driving force among all beings, to change its structure and texture continuously.
Here lies the meaning of life!


The modern technological innovations have brought humans in close contacts at global levels, leading to both beneficial and harmful actions.
Therefore the living environment of humans go beyond the borders of their own state and became the whole world. Therefore, humanity needs a new order-parameter, being valid among all states in the world. A common order-parameter for all humanity can be established only, when it is based on natural scientific data. Synergetic system envisions such a common order-parameter. When all nations negotiate with others on the base of natural scientific data, there will be a consensus on a global order-parameter for future, with the result that all humans will be educated with a common life-view, that they are all participants and co-owner of the global social life. This will eliminate anti-social behaviours among humanity.

Having the answers to the questions cited above, we will get an agreement on the definition of "God" and many problems will be solved.

When all things in the cosmos were frozen like in a snapshot and no movements or actions were there, how could we perceive "the time"?

"Time" is an indicator of the changes and transformations fulfilled by energy-matter-interactions. Time was assumed by our ancestors as something eternal, connected with the eternality of a creator. But physical researches have revealed, that energy-matter interactions are not stable, especially at quantum-levels, so that space is not stable, but continuously changes; having time as the 4th dimension! Consequently, time is the consequence of changeovers due to quantum-physical properties of fundamental particles of matters in universe..

What Evidences Put Forth Accurate Information About The History of Humanity’s Cultural Development?

Sumerians, the first time in human history, writing and creating documents is of great importance to people who find and implement.

In the form of the Sumerian cuneiform writings, have been written on dried  clay tablets. It started to make the archaeological excavations began in the 1920s, and cuneiform tablets that date, then the cultural history of development of humanity, a little bit by getting rid of the influencethe works of classical Greek origin started in the evaluation more realistic. According to data from archaeological excavations, historicalflood in Mesopotamia before and after the flood is divided into two distinct periods.   And cuneiform tablets found in excavations, have been found in Mesopotamia and they all belong to the period after the flood. Thus, tablets information on approximately 5000 years ago, reflects the perspective of the dayb

Sumerians settled in Mesopotamia down after the great flood.
Sumerian views of the world and of life, deeply affected the people of the region. These views  continue to the present day turned into "there is no other" belief systems.


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    Max Planck said, “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” Max Planck probably summarized the limitation of western approach to comprehend Truth of Life, Nature and Cosmos that we strive to understand.

    Western approach is rather an inferior approach, where it kills or removes life and dissects the dead body seeking the secret of life and information about it. It uses the five sense of his being related with external space-time field to do so. The east in contrast fallowed a different approach it transcended the mind to enter the INNER WORLD and space-time field that interacts directly with external space-time field and sustains life. East understood this as conscious field that works against gravity and time that modern science studies. Much the same way the modern world peeps into cosmos with increasing clarity and breaks into atoms to seek GOD PARTICLE, the east also could fathom this field with clarity and break themselves up to come to realize Big Bang Point and God Particle from which everything originated. To understand this we must marvel at the very design of life that we are, which starts as little perturbation in a single cell, when the spirit of the Father enters it.

    The machine called we the human beings have the best computer one can create and works on the most efficient machine design one could ever think of. Unfortunately, it is the least conscious of all life for it lives in ego and self and lives by its mind power and five senses that relates to material world. He sees the opposite as enemy and the cause of his misery and live a life engaged in war and self-destruction. In his ignorance, he digs His own Grave. Unless we awaken to our consciousness and understand the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence that Gives Life we are doomed for huge destruction. All the power of weapons of mass destruction cannot annihilate the system that is capable conquering time and perpetuate eternally. We will awaken to our consciousness, know the Truth, and enter Golden Age – The question left is how much destruction and suffering we have to endure. https://www.scribd.com/doc/244494203/Consciousness-From-Spiritual-and-Context-of-Modern-Physics